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Installing WordPress on a IIS Windows box the easy way

by Swanand Mokashi 8. December 2010 01:42

So do you want to install WordPress on your Windows (server or otherwise) ? The usual steps are to :

  1. Install PHP
  2. Install MySql
  3. Install WordPress bits
  4. Pray all of the above works

You would ordinarily go to the various websites to get the PHP , MySql and WordPress bits. However there is a better way and surprisingly it is from Microsoft !! Microsoft “supports” WordPress – this is a no brainer for Microsoft really, WordPress is the most popular blog writing /Content Management system. It is written in PHP and uses MySql and is free and all of this works great on Windows. So it is just an additional revenue option for Microsoft in my humble opinion, to get the WordPress folks to use Windows Servers.

To that effect, Microsoft has been nice enough to create a “web installer” for WordPress. Just go to : and click “Install Now” and it will go through all the above steps (may be not the “pray” step :)) and you will have a website that is running WordPress ! Easy, ain’t it? The best of both the world – open source software (WordPress, PHP, MySql) and nice easy and simple install package from Microsoft.

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